About Sleightholm Workshop

Sleightholm Workshop Inc is a progressive builder interested in making places for people to live and work. Things that guide and direct each project are a concern for environmentally conscious building practices and design, reuse of structures and salvaged materials, and a general spirit of craft and workmanship.

Matt Sleightholm has a background unlike most contractors. He earned a 5 year professional degree in Architecture (B. Arch.) from Virginia Tech; his architectural studies then led to a focus on the whole craft of making homes. From forming concrete to framing walls and roofs to milling cabinetry, Matt’s interest in the whole home is guided and bound by an understanding of the complexity of cold-climate building science and how appropriately designed and constructed buildings lower energy consumption and provide homeowners with a healthy living environment. These hands-on ideas and skills matured and were carefully honed over many years working as a lead carpenter and then construction manager for some very fine homebuilders in the Rocky Mountain West. Sleightholm Workshop was formed as a full-service general contracting firm and began building houses in 2002.

We happily work with clients at any stage in the building process, whether taking the client’s ideas through design and then construction, whether working as general contractor using other architects’ plans, or whether supplying custom interior cabinetry and woodworking details for designers, architects and homeowners.